Haushalt und Tod

Inwertsetzungsprozesse und Identitäten in Ba‘ja im späten präkeramischen Neolithikum B (LPPNB) der Südlevante


Munjazat Press Release 2018

The 12th field season at the Pre-Pottery Neolithic site of Ba‘ja (c. 7250 BCE) was devoted to the continuation of the special research topic on Household and Death in Ba‘ja. The main aims were to enlarge the body of findings and data for the subject, both from excavations in the deeper strata of the site's Areas C and D as well as by "shelf research" on relevant finds and samples of previous seasons... read more

Munjazat Press Release 2016

The 11th field season of the Ba‘ja Neolithic Project took place at the late Pre-Pottery Neolithic site of Ba‘ja (ca. 7250 BCE), situated in the remote sandstone mountains north of Beidha village (Wadi Musa). The waterless and rugged location is accessible only by climbing through a narrow siq, requesting a lot of logistic investment and physical strength by the team... read more

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