CARE is a project joining Cultural Heritage, Archaeological Research, Restoration and Education. The reconstruction and presentation of an extraordinary 9000-year-old child burial  from the early Neolithic site of Ba`ja, near Petra in southern Jordan, which was discovered in 2018, is a cooperation-project in the frame of CARE between Jordan, France, Switzerland, Denmark, and Germany. The restoration project is based on mutual agreement between the President of the Yarmouk University Prof. Dr. Zeidan Kafafi, the Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology Prof. Dr. Hani Hayajneh and the Ba`ja Project Co-directors Dr. Hans Georg K. Gebel, Dr. Christoph Purschwitz and Dr. Marion Benz, Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology of the Free University of Berlin and ex oriente e.V., to promote and support cultural heritage projects in southern Jordan. It is supported by the Department of Antiquities of Jordan. The aim of this restoration project is a comprehensive study of the extraordinary child burial, the reconstruction of the necklace and of the grave as well as its multimedia presentation in a Jordanian Museum in order to demonstrate the high relevance of the Neolithic for humanity. The synthesis of the scientific results will provide invaluable information on emerging social differentiation in the earliest permanent villages of the world. The child burial will offer an emotional personal access to our common past and thus create long lasting memories and commitment.