Acknowledgements & Sponsors

Thanks to an additional grant of the German Research Foundation (in the frame of the Household & Death Project in Ba`ja; BO 1599/16-1) and a grant by the Franz-and-Eva-Rutzen Stiftung the conservation and reconstruction of the necklace was possible within the time limit of a one-year-loan. We are also grateful to the Municipality of Emmendingen for the financial support of the school project. Without the support of private sponsors of ex oriente e.V. the reconstruction of the grave would not be possible. We are very grateful to them. We also acknowledge the support of H.E. Prof. Monther Jamhawi, then Director-General of the Department of Antiquities (DoA), Amman, and H.E. Dr. Yazeed Elayan, actual Director-General of the DoA, Director of Excavations and Surveys, Dr. Aktham Oweidi and Dr. Ahmad Lash, Head of Loan Sector. The beads were loaned under the permits: 12/5/274 and 12/5/1334. Sincere thanks are due to the President of the Yarmouk University Prof. Dr. Zeidan Kafafi and to Prof. Dr. Hani Hayajneh, Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University for their cooperation. Our thanks are also due to Prof. Dr. Dominik Bonatz, Head of the Institute for Near Eastern Archaeology, Free University, Berlin. Our most sincere thanks go to our excellent workmen from Beidha.