Haushalt und Tod

Inwertsetzungsprozesse und Identitäten in Ba‘ja im späten präkeramischen Neolithikum B (LPPNB) der Südlevante


Vortrag: Mortuary practices in Neolithic Anatolia: the view from Çatalhöyük and beyond

Dr. Scott D. Haddow (University of Copenhagen)

Mittwoch, 05.02.2020 18:00 Uhr c.t. im DAI (Podbielskiallee 69–71 / 14195 Berlin; Eingang für den Vortrag zum Wiegandhaus: Peter-Lenné-Straße 28–30)

Short Report on the Field Season 2019

The 13th field season, in April 2019, at the Pre-Pottery Neolithic site of Ba`ja (c. 7500-6800 cal BCE) was again devoted to field research for the special research topic on Household and Death in Ba`ja, carried out at Free University of Berlin by a grant of the German Research Foundation… read more

Short Report on the Field Season 2018

The 2018 season confirmed that Late PPNB site of Ba`ja is characterized by intramural cemeteries and intramural deposits of buried – most likely terminated – households, primary household contexts, and dumped materials of household production in room fills. More evidence was found for a later occupation at Ba`ja during the FPPNB/ PPNC… read more

Short Report on the Field Season 2016

By the 2016 season, a third phase of the long-term project started: to test the site’s potential for a deep-knowledge research on Household and Death in Jordan’s late 8th millennium BCE. Sedentary village life was still at its beginnings… read more

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